• Colonialtown North

    Neighborhood Associationis a voluntary association serving the residential area of Colonialtown North, which consists of more than 1,700 homes with a population of about 3,500 people. The neighborhood boundaries are Colonial Drive, Mills Avenue, Nebraska Street/Corrine Drive, and Bumby Avenue. Membership is open to all those residing or owning property in the area!
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Our Mission

largegroupNeighbors seeking to raise our quality of life through community social events, physical improvements, programs to keep the neighborhood safe, interaction with local  businesses and communication to keep us informed about what affects our great neighborhood!

Membership is open to all those residing or owning property in the area so, if you are interested in joining or volunteering please contact us!



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Commisioner's Corner

Sheehan Official-2014There have been recent actions by the Orange County School Board that have indicated their desire to close Fern Creek Elementary School by 2017. I am shocked and upset by this decision. Many years ago I was asked to volunteer to serve on a Task Force to improve what was then the falling FCAT scores at Fern Creek Elementary. At first we tried to start an arts magnet program, but were thwarted when the School Board fired the art teacher. Then Architectural Firm Glatting Jackson (now AECOM) paid for the salary of a full-time volunteer and mentorship coordinator. We hired Holly Vanture, who brought in substantial support from area businesses like Florida Hospital, as well as men-tors to work with the children. Reeves United Methodist Church gathers volunteers to read to the kids.
The Fern Creek Foundation provided for other critical needs such as food and clothing. The blue-collar neighborhood of Colonialtown has embraced the children of Fern Creek, who are bused in from the Coalition and the Parramore area. They came after a desegregation order initiated by leaders in the African-American community to seek better educational opportunities for their children; and they received it in the diverse and caring community of the school.